Prevention of aggregation in treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infections

The aim of PASTI is to reduce staphylococcal virulence by preventing cellular aggregation


June 2012

PASTI was granted by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research as a 3-year post-doc project to Jakob Haaber.

January 2013

Jakob Haaber starts as a visiting scholar at Stan Cohen's lab at Stanford Medical School, CA, USA.

January 2013

Jakob Haaber was awarded a Sapere Aude grant by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research.

January 2014

Back in Denmark after a very rewarding year at Stanford

June 2014

Hosting science slam presentations at the ESOF 2014 Science in the City festival in Copenhagen

Contact PASTI: Jakob Haaber - Dep.Veterinary Disease Biology - University of Copenhagen - Stigboejlen 4 - 1870 Frederiksberg C -